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About Babel's Land


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Admin Founder
Admin Founder

 About Babel's Land Talk210

This section has been created in order to allow people from anywhere around the world to communicate between themselves; meet and get together using the English language. I firmly believe that there are no boundaries, except the ones that we have in our heads and the best way to remove them is to open ourselves to what is new or different. This can be done if we learn to understand each other.
Imagine Babel's Land as a big container that needs to be filled with ideas and thoughts, do not be afraid to participate and put your ideas in Babel's Land.
The forum is divided into two sections: one is dedicated to presentations, off topic, games, life and relationships (Meeting Point); and the other ( Debates's Room) is dedicated to the various discussions (news, culture, personal interests, etc.). In the future we can create new sections. Do not hesitate to propose your ideas for improving this common area, the forum.
La Valle dell'Eco has established to build the forum together with the members.

This is the banner of the citizens of Babel's Land.
If you like you can put it in your signature here and other sites frequented by you.

 About Babel's Land Talk_t11


And now we come to the rules of coexistence of Babel's Land.

They are simple and not too many:
1 - Respect persons and their opinions;
2 -  These are not allowed: do not discuss member's private matter or anything that can reveal the member's identity against her or his will; do not incite to commit crimes, xenophobia or suicide; do not advertise goods or Internet sites without permission; do not violate copyrights with the exception of streaming sites (eg Youtube); do not ask for money; do not make Proselytism; do not include malicious software in the messages transmitted to the forum or the server host;
3 - Use the English language;

The staff does not erase or edit your messages as this is contrary to our policy; Communications from the staff are minimal because we believe that dialogue has to be free; Members that make serious violations will be banned, temporarily or permanently; All bans are described, explicit and public.

Welcome to Babel's Land!


Thanks to Sergio AD for reviewing this post

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